Our Environmental Commitments

Long-lasting design

Each product that we will use or have our eyes on are tested for quality through durability, wash, and wear tests. We look for suppliers who are W.R.A.P. certified and use organic products. Personally, I (Forest) have used products from my suppliers for the last few years and they still hold their color and elasticity.

Reusability and recyclability

Returns are tricky, but we want to ensure that we are not leaving a big waste footprint. We do that through returns and talking with suppliers to ensure that they are not using over exceeding packaging, which is one of the biggest problems when it comes to product shipping. Essentially, that means not filling up the box with more than needed or using properly sized boxes for products. A t-shirt does not need a twenty foot long box. (Amazon, we're looking at you)

Sustainable materials

Eco-friendly apparel is on the rise in the fashion industry and we are excited about it. We are continuously learning more about different cuts, waste production, and scraps being produced by production lines. We are also learning more about how suppliers are actively working towards producing less waste and better quality products. W.R.A.P. certified supplier Bella + Canvas is a great example of a supplier that manufactures organic cotton tees.

Environmentally friendly factories

We work only with manufacturers that Print-on-Demand (POD). For example, this means that they will only print a shirt with a certain design once it has been ordered by a customer. We DO NOT do bulk purchasing. Most of the time, bulk purchases exceed what a retailer requires and they end up with a lot of items that cannot be recycled, further damaging our environment.

Sustainable Distribution

We ensure that anyone we work with has desirable distribution routes. For example, we will not partner with someone who only has a factory in North America as that will lead to longer routes and more energy being required to get a product from Point A to Point B. We ensure that manufacturers have workshops in multiple locations around the globe to ensure shorter distribution routes and faster fulfillment.