Are you interested in joining the team? Then shoot your shot and apply!

We are always looking for skilled people to come and leave their fingerprints on the brand. After all, we're built by the people for the people.

We only bring on college students or recent graduates because we understand how difficult it can be to get that first internship or job. We strive to be that stepping stone toward your future success. Whether you want an internship that is two months or a year long, we would be ecstatic to have you onboard!


Who do we hire?


Sales Manager


Creative Writers

UX/UI Designers

Graphic Designers

Fashion Designers

Social Media Managers

Marketing Management

Advertising & Digital Media

Communication Specialists

Customer Service Manager

And more!


Important Note: All internships are unpaid (We hope to enable them to be paid in the future when we are off and running with consistent sales). While we understand how much of a disappointment that is, we try to counter it by having a massively flexible schedule and workload. Whether you work at 1 pm or 1 am, in a tree or at home, right next door or across the world, we want to be respectful of the time and energy you give to us. Furthermore, we want to help you grow in areas you are comfortable with while encouraging you to continue expanding your skillset. We want you to become the best person that you can be, not just for us, but for yourself and that dream role you are chasing.


Email all resumes to with a short bio & important social links such as LinkedIn (If it is not already included in your resume). Also, send us a photo of your favorite animal! (If your favorite animal is not a husky then we need to talk).


We look forward to hearing from you!